The Era of Steam, Discoveries, and Shadows

It is the era of innovation! The Industrial Revolution that has been building up steam for the past ten years and in 1870 it is starting to fully reshape the world and it’s cities. The world was fully introduced to the new marvels of the this industrious age at the Great Science Expedition of 1866 in Britain’s crown city of London where the new invention of High Density Steam Engine was unveiled. But even in this new age of scientific enlightenment dark mysteries and unanswered questions still plague us like old wife’s tales that just refuse to be for gotten to the point of becoming deadly. In the dark corners of the world, in the back alleyways, and forgotten ruins dark secrets and untold dangers still hold sway on the world. But as in all times there are men and woman of uncanny courage and skill that do not shy away from these dangers and mysteries and these are the individuals that have been called one way or another to join the British Society of Paranormal Research.

The Society

Founded in 1868 London by Sir Walter McCarthy, following his family’s untimely demise. Along with Scotland yard Detective Edmund McSwain, the British Society of Paranormal Research (or simply “the Society”) was created to investigate and record all strange or unexplained occurrences dealing with the occult. By 1870 the Society has grown to over fifty full time investigators operating not only in Great Britain, but also around the world. The Society is funded by private donations from individuals of various walks of life. Rumors within the Society indicate that one of the group’s financial backers is a member of British royalty, but the truth of this is unknown.

The Society is composed mainly of those rare individuals who have given up their personal endeavors as well as their resources in order to dedicate themselves to the investigation and recording of information on the world of the paranormal. Also included in the ranks of the Society are those born with gifts some will never know, like prognosticators and those with a so-called “sixth sense.” These individuals are frequently included on Society assignments.

The Society operates mainly out of London, a townhouse in Greenwich, but members of the exclusive organization are truly international. With members hailing from as far away as the Orient, Africa, and the Americas, those of the Society are rarely far from one another. All members, upon investigation of paranormal or supernatural events, report directly to the London office of Sir Walter McCarthy. Reports always include a detailed written description of all factors in the case, any evidence of the phenomenon, as well as follow ups of those affected by the events.

In the few years since its founding, the Society has witnessed many strange events. They currently have files pertaining to such varied topics as the survivors of the Defiance massacre, the mystery of the Donner Party, the experiments of 18th century madman Victor Frankenstein, and such notable modern personalities as Professor James Moriarty and the mysterious killer known only as “X.”

Dark Anecdotes

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