Logan Adler

A Courier need not ask what he delevers or how dangerous the trail is, just where to take it...well then again he may be smart to ask.


Occupation: On the Run
Age: 28
Place of Birth: United States of America (Boston)

Class: Tough Hero 3 /Dedicated 1 /Purifier 1 /Shaman 1

History: Alvin Dent (aka. Logan Adler) grew up in Boston where he started out his life as a bag-boy, a criminal courier for the a local street gang. Alvin would leave the streets at the age of 20 when he was drafted to serve the Unite States Army in the American Civil War. Do to his talents that he gain as a bag-boy and natural knack of survival Logan would climb the ranks from a lowly infantry private too serve in his company’s command core as a messenger a position he would maintain till the end of the war.

At the end of the American Civil War Alvin would take up a job with the United States Postal Service. It was a honest life that agreed with Alvin but one that would not last for long before the end of the fist year as a Postman Alvin would be accused of the murder of a wealthy Land-baron who he happen to delivering a package too. Being a Ex-criminal, and having neither wealth or statues Logan was quickly convected of a crime he didn’t do and was sent to jail.

Alvin refused to hang for a crime he didn’t do and was starting to believe he had been set up to take the fall from by virtue of his past and low standing. Alvin would escape from custody while being transported by train to prison where he was to face the rope. Logan managed to flee the country heading first into Mexico and then later into parts of South America.

For the past four years Alvin has been working as a courier for hire, willing to take anything, to anywhere no matter the risk and with no questions asked, at lest to the employer. Within the a month of being in South America Alvin has taken on the identity of Logan Adler, a London born man who was a diplomatic courier who had just recently when into private practice but on this third mission while working with Alvin he died and Alvin became Logan. The now Logan has remained alive and free because of his survival instincts and his wits but his gun hand has play a good role in his survival as well. Recently Logan made the long trip to Australia on a delivery job for a wealthy Coal Mine operator. Before taking up this next job a letter finds Logan having traveled several days behind his trail, the letter contains a offer for employment, but this job although promising good pay sound like anything Logan has ever done before.


Player Notes: take three levels of Tough Hero then take one level of Thrasher from Urban Arcana and then one level of Shaman from Past leveling up in both Advanced Classes.

Logan Adler

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