Lord Arthur Keene


Seventh born son of the Lord & Lady Keene who went to the Colonies to see what life held. Arthur fell in love with a Southern Belle and promptly wed her having six children and twelve grandchildren before her death just before the American Civil War started. His four sons and six of his grandsons died in the Civil War fighting for both the Union and Confederate forces. His two daughters currently reside in North Texas with his youngest’s husband and his two sons. His other remaining grandson and one grandaughter have returned to New Orleans with their spouses.

He returned to London after learning that he had inherited his father’s estate and title due to a suspicious set of circumstances bringing his remaining two granddaughters (Ladies Carlotta & Ashlynn Keene) with him. His granddaughter Ashlynn provided information to investigators (that he made sure she did not know were yard constables) that brought justice to those that murdered his family. Carlotta is his official heir and studying medicine.


Lord Arthur Keene

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