Lord Louis Randeen


Louis Randeen is a man consumed by his hatred for a beast that has been dead several weeks, and is bound by his fantasies as much as he is by his reality.


Lord Louis is a tall man, who has a long scar across his body from Bloodypaw’s swipes and is never seen without four weapons: two pistols, his rifle and a British saber.

Born in Northumberland, England in 1830, Louis Randeen was one of the finest big game hunters in the world, having killed just about one of every creature in existence, but the simplicity of the hunts soon bored him and the occasional assassination or bounty hunting he performed for the unscrupulous did not relieve the tedium either.

While poaching in northwest Africa, he was approached by Mr. William Harker, a representative of the Westminster railroad company, which was building through some of Africa’s most untamed land. A lion, nicknamed “Bloodypaw”, had slain dozens of workers and had confounded (not to mention killed) their best hunters and Harker wished Randeen to destroy it.

Intrigued, the hunter accepted and began to track it. Finding the beast devilishly clever, he hunted it for weeks, eventually confronting it in the jungle, miles from camp, and shot it square in the chest with his rifle. Then the beast shrugged the wound off and began mauling the great hunter! As he lay dying he knew nothing but hatred; hatred for the thing which had bested him.

Before darkness overtook him, Randeen swore that he would kill the demon beast.

Lord Louis Randeen

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