Madison Mackenzie Masterson


Madison is the third child of Lord Sebastian Masterson and Lady Bridget. The eldest Masterson sibling, William, has begun to take over the daily operations of the Masterson Estates. The second eldest, Alexander, went into the banking business, and all signs indicate that he will do well. The fourth and youngest sibling, Maude, is currently in her final year of finishing school. Everyone expects Maude to marry one of the MacDonald cousins to strengthen ties between the Masterson family and Lady Bridget’s MacDonald family.

Madison decided to make a career in the British Army before he even finished his education. He did well in Officer Training, earning high marks. Army officials were impressed with his talent for languages, and assigned him to an administrative position in the British Embassy in Paris.

Madison’s expectations of a military career did not include translating mountains of paper work into English. He quickly requested a position of a more combat oriented nature. After one year, he was transferred to the colony in Sierra Leone.

But, relative peace had settled over the area, and Madison was again assigned to administrative and translation work. He used his time in Sierra Leone to learn Arabic, and Krio, but still longed for a combat position. After one year, his requests for transfer resulted in a posting in Hong Kong.

Again, with no active combat in the area, he was assigned a desk and various duties involving paperwork and translations. He quickly learned Mandarin Chinese. Madison worked in Hong Kong three years before receiving a transfer to India.

In India, Madison was finally given command of an infantry platoon. There was no active fighting at the time, but he and his men had the duty of patrolling the surrounding area and maintaining the peace.

A rash of murders had plagued the rural areas for quite some time. Madison and his men began to investigate in earnest. After two months, they uncovered the hideout of a band of Thuggee assassins who were killing victims as sacrifices to the dark goddess Kali. Once the hideout was discovered, it was decided to storm the building the next time the Thuggees met.

Madison received good information about when the Thuggees would next meet, and his platoon was able to take position outside without raising an alarm. When Madison led the charge to the building, his men had the element of surprise. However, the Thuggees did have a guard on duty outside. The guard instantly raised his rifle and shot Madison in the leg. The bullet shattered Madison’s femur, and dropped him to the ground.

The assault on the hideout was a complete success. But it was a success lead by Madison’s lieutenant, while Madison lay on the ground screaming for a medic.

When Madison was brought back to the British stronghold, the doctor declared that the leg would have to be amputated. Madison’s response was, “I think not doctor. For if I lose my leg, I guarantee that yours will be lost shortly thereafter.”

Madison managed to dissuade the doctor from amputating. But the doctor did not have the medical skill to properly treat him, and declared that Madison would spend the rest of his life as a cripple.

But Madison had met several of the local people during his investigation of the Thuggee murders. He know that they had healing arts that the British did not. Madison approached a Buddhist temple and asked the monks to treat him using their eastern skills and techniques. Under their tutelage and treatment, Madison learned how to use the power of his mind to heal his body. After six months of their teachings and administrations, the shattered bone of his leg had knitted itself back together and Madison was able to walk with the assistance of a cane.

But his injury meant that once again, Madison was relegated to desk duty. Despite his steady progress in health, Madison’s superiors made it clear that he would remain behind a desk for the rest of his career.

Frustrated, Madison left service in the army when his tour was complete. He returned home to a warm welcome from his family and the gentlemen of the clubs. They all are quite fond of Madison’s stories about the far reaches of the empire.

Madison’s injury is now almost completely healed. He no longer requires the cane, and walks with only the slightest limp. Madison has quietly continued his meditations and studies that began with his time among the Buddhists. But so far, he has done so alone. Madison quietly enters the seedier side of London on regular occasion, looking for a suitable teacher of the Eastern Arts of the mind. But so far, he has only discovered charlatans and fakes.


Madison Mackenzie Masterson

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